Consumable Products

Seal cover is a complete range of surface protection films designed to protect substrates from abrasion and scratches. We produce high quality seal cover in our cutting edge facilities. Seal Cover are used for large surfaces, curved edges, and straight lines.



Description Hi-Temp Seal Cover Multi-Purpose Seal Cover
· PVC film
· High Temp

· Masking Tape
· General Masking Tape
Size · 100mm x 25 meter·300mm x 25 meter
· 700mm x 25 meter
· 100mm x 25 meter·300mm x 25 meter

· 700mm x 25 meter

Applicable Surface · Coated Surface
· Glass
· Plastic
· Metal & Non-Metal

· Concrete·Wood
· Tiles
· Metal & Non Metal
Temperature Resistant (paint) · 80  ͦ C up to 150  ͦ C · Room temperature to 60  ͦC
A) Hi Temp Seal Cover


    • Efficient over masking solution for 2-tone paintings at high temperatures
    • Highly tape tear resistant tape enables quick masking after drying
    • Statically loading of film eliminates risk of overspray and paint deformations on the surface.




Aero Space
Main applications


    • 2-tone body painting
    • 2-tone inline masking
    • Masking with dry masking processes.
    • Large area masking at high drying temperatures
    • Efficient over masking


B) Multi Purpose Seal Cover


    • Economic for construction and household.
    • Large area masking at low to medium temperatures


B) Multi Purpose Seal Cover


    • Flexible application on various surface
    • Fine line after paint
    • Produce a clean surface
    • Save time for work handling
    • No glue transfer on surface
    • Manageable to be disposed